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Retirement Protection Plan

The Retirement Protection Plan (RPP) is a pension plan that Desert Hospital Corporation established for its employees effective July 1, 1971. Contributions to the RPP were made solely by the Desert Hospital Corporation for the benefit of its employees. Employees did not contribute to the plan.

Effective May 31, 1997, Desert Hospital Corporation leased the hospital to Tenet and froze the RPP at the employees, vested amounts. Since that time, the Desert Healthcare District (District) has maintained the RPP.

An employee of Tenet cannot withdraw his or her vested RPP amount until they terminate their employment with Tenet. Tenet informs the District when employees terminate their employment.

 An eligible vested former employee can transfer their funds by a direct cash-out or transfer to an eligible retirement plan by completing the following withdrawal forms and submitting them to the District as directed on the forms. The forms can be printed using free Adobe® Reader software, which must reside on your computer.

Please click here to access the Designation of Beneficiary Form.