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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley

Behavioral Health

Let's talk: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Medical experts are changing the language commonly used to talk about suicide. For example, "commit suicide" is no longer an apt or appropriate term, as it suggests criminal overtones, moral judgment, and a speculative intention of a person's actions. Some replacement terms that are recommended include "death by suicide," "died by suicide" and "suicide." Learn more.

What is the Coachella Valley Behavioral Health Collective?

Increasing and improving mental and behavioral health resources for Coachella Valley residents has long been a priority for the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation Board.

Since 2018, when the District and Foundation launched a Behavioral Health Initiative, the Board has allocated $3 million to support behavioral health services and programs. That was followed in 2019 with a valley-wide behavioral health needs assessment, commissioned by the District and Foundation.

The assessment provided insight and prompted the development of a behavioral health improvement plan. In 2021, the District and Foundation took important steps to advance this effort:

* Jana Trew was hired as the District and Foundation's Senior Program Officer - Behavioral Health to provide direction and support in realizing Board-approved policies.

A new five-year strategic plan, adopted by the Board, included as its No. 3 goal: to proactively expand community access to behavioral/mental health services.

* Ms. Trew began meeting with various behavioral health and community leaders from the valley and Riverside County to identify stakeholders, services, and challenges related to behavioral health.

After a year of intensive groundwork involving 60 stakeholders in working groups and a steering committee, the Coachella Valley Behavioral Health Collective was established in 2023 by the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation and Riverside University Health System - Behavioral Health. District and Foundation CEO Conrado Barzaga and RUHS - Behavioral Health Director Dr. Matthew Chang co-chair its steering committee.

The Collective now has a range of community representation with 38 participating organizations. Their expertise includes education, healthcare, civic leadership, youth support, and more. 

Our Mission

Advancing integrated, equitable and whole-person behavioral healthcare for the Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley Behavioral Health Collective was co-founded by the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation and Riverside University Health System - Behavioral Health.

Defining Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is the promotion of mental health, resilience, and well-being; the treatment of mental and substance use disorders; and the support of those who experience and/or are in recovery from these conditions, along with their families and communities.
-- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Quick Resources

Mental Health
CARES Line - Call referral service at (800) 499-3008
24/7 Mental Health Urgent Care in Palm Springs: (760) 424-5602

Substance Abuse Help
1 (800) 662-HELP (4357)

Suicide Hotline
Call 9-8-8 or visit

Meet Jana Trew

Jana Trew joined the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation staff in 2021 as the senior program officer for behavioral health. Ms. Trew brings to the job more than a decade of professional experience with an emphasis on behavioral health support services in Southern California. Notably, starting in 2008 with Victor Community Support Services, she managed programs and services focused on transitional youth, developed and executed services for children and families, and provided oversight of the coordination and delivery of services as a regional director in Los Angeles. She holds a counseling in psychology masters of science degree from California Baptist University. 

Connect I E

Locating linkage information on the variety of health and wellness services that are available to Coachella Valley residents, including behavioral health and COVID-19 resources, please visit The services are low-cost or free.

Contact Us

Email Jana Trew, Desert Healthcare District and Foundation Senior Program Officer - Behavioral Health, at

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