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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley


In 2018, prompted by a growing requirement for California’s special districts, municipalities and other government agencies to improve diverse representation, the Desert Healthcare District took on a zoning process that included multiple public hearings and map presentations. A five-zone map was approved that summer, moving the District from at-large to zone-based Board member elections. Following voters’ approval in November 2018 to expand the District east of Cook Street, a rezoning process got underway to create seven zones covering the entire Coachella Valley. Each zone will have a Director on the Board.

Below are two draft maps created by demographer NDC with seven suggested zones for the 2020 election. A new map will be adopted in the fall 2019.

NDC Agave Map

NDC Yucca Map

NDC Zone Descriptions

2018 REZONING PROCESS TO 5 ZONES In late June 2018, the Board completed the zoning process to create five zones.

Orange 2 Map (Adopted June 26, 2018)

Orange 2 Demographics