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A special note for construction and related work. Under California Law (Labor Code sections 1720 et seq. and 1770 et seq.), any work paid for in whole or in part with public funds, including funds from the Desert Healthcare District, may require that workers be paid at the prevailing wage rates. Prevailing wage is essentially a minimum wage for various classifications of construction workers. The rule applies to construction, alteration, demolition, installation, repair, or maintenance of property if the total value of the work is $1,000 or more. These rates are often higher than standard wages, and the additional cost should be factored into the project budget. Grant recipients may be liable for back wages and other costs if they fail to inform their contractors of this requirement, and therefore any contracts for such work must state that the prevailing wage rates apply. More information is available from the Department of Industrial Relations. See

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Download program Cash Flow Excel 2003 spreadsheet (use if your organization does not currently have a cash flow for this program/project)

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Desert Healthcare District Eastern Coachella Valley Annexation Application 

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