Appointment & Duties for Committees


It is the policy of the Desert Healthcare District (“District”) that the Board President appoints board members to the standing committee:

1. The standing committees are the 1) Finance, Legal and Administration, and 2)Hospital Governance & Oversight.

2. It is the responsibility of the Board President to appoint Board members to the committees and appoint the chairperson annually at the first Board meeting following the election of officers. The Board Treasurer will serve as the chair of the F&A Committee.

3. AD-Hoc committees may be appointed by the President, for specific tasks and objectives as circumstances warrant, and upon completion of the task for which appointed, such ad-hoc committee shall stand discharged.

4. All committees are advisory only to the full Board of Directors unless otherwise specifically authorized to act by the Board.

Standing Committees: 
Standing committees shall meet periodically to review reports from District staff, legal counsel, and consultants relating to the particular subject matter of the committee. There shall be the following standing committees:

(a) Finance, Legal and Administration Committee. This committee shall be responsible for oversight and for making recommendations to the Board where appropriate on matters related to finance, administration, human resources, property management, legal affairs (including legislation), real estate, and information systems (IS).

Two District Board members shall be assigned to this committee. The F&A Committee may include up to four community members (Volunteer Members) to be appointed by the Board to participate as advisory members for financial matters pertaining to the District and Foundation. Volunteer Members guidelines are in Policy Addendum 1 – Desert Healthcare District Committee Volunteer Guidelines.

(b) Hospital Governance & Oversight.

1. A student representative will be added to the F&A Committee and for the board meetings.

2. Committee Volunteer Appointment Process and Guidelines will be the same for the F&A Committee.

3. All volunteer committee members will be approved by the Board. Interviews for volunteer members are up to the committee.

4. All community members are subject to the DHCD Conflict of Interest Code.

5. Volunteer committee members have a three-year term. For positions where members are currently serving unexpired terms, this policy will be implemented after the members’ current unexpired term ends.

6. If a volunteer committee member is currently processing for anticipates filing a grant proposal within one year of appointment, they will not be eligible to serve.

Addendum 1:




These guidelines are intended to outline guidelines for volunteer members to participate in two standing committees of the Board of Directors of the Desert Healthcare District. Described herein are those criteria for the  Finance, Legal and Administrative Committee. Criteria are described for both.


In accordance with the Desert Healthcare District By-Laws this committee shall be responsible for oversight and for making recommendations to the Board where appropriate on matters related to finance, administration, human resources, property management, legal affairs, (including legislation) real estate and information systems (IS).


The responsibilities of the F&A Committee include the following:

• To understand the financial needs and conditions of the District.

• To provide objective perspective regarding finances.

• To provide advice, counsel and feedback to the committee as requested during budget development.

Membership Terms & Vacancies

The Finance, Legal and Administrative Committee (“F&A Committee”) Committee shall consist of four to seven members all of whom shall either reside or be primarily employed within the Desert Healthcare District:

Two members of the District Board of Directors ("District Board Representatives"). The Board Treasurer shall serve as chair.

Up to four public members may be appointed by the Board to participate as advisory members for financial members pertaining to the District and Foundation.

Volunteer committee members have a three-year term. If a volunteer committee member is currently processing or anticipates filing a grant proposal within one year of appointment, they will not be eligible to serve

Vacancies: Volunteer Members who miss three consecutive unexcused meetings may be removed at the discretion of the Committee chairperson. In the event of the vacancy of a Volunteer Member, notice of the vacancy and application process shall be published on the District website for a minimum of 14 days. The Committee chairperson shall also have the discretion to publish notice of the vacancy and application process in a local newspaper of general circulation. Community members shall submit applications for membership and their qualifications in writing to the District office. At a duly noticed District Board meeting applicants shall be interviewed, process decided by the committee and appointed to serve the applicable term by a majority vote of the District Board of Directors.



Meetings: The Committees meet prior to those meetings of the full Board of Directors on a monthly basis as necessary and appropriate to fulfill their purpose. Meetings are convened by the committee chairperson in coordination with District staff.

Voting and Recommendations: ln accordance with their responsibilities, Volunteer Members shall participate in the committee t process including participating in voting at the Committee meetings and making grant recommendations to the full Board. However, votes and recommendations of Volunteer Members while noted in the record shall be advisory in nature only. The votes of the District Board Representatives shall be the recommendation, which shall be forwarded to the full District Board of Directors for consideration.


Volunteer Members shall not make or influence a recommendation or decision related to any committee recommendation which will benefit the member's outside employment, business, or personal financial interest or benefit an immediate family member, such as a spouse, child or parent. A Volunteer Member shall not participate, discuss or vote on any issue, or recommendation which directly inures to his or her financial interest or with respect to which he or she has any other conflict of interest. District Representatives shall follow the adopted District Conflict of interest Code in accordance with California law.

As a Volunteer Committee Member, I understand and agree that I am responsible, collectively with my fellow committee members, for guiding and monitoring District financial and grant making functions and program-related activities through which the Desert Healthcare District pursues its strategic plan to improve the health of the District's residents. I agree to the following responsibilities and criteria:

Responsibilities and Volunteer Agreement:

Volunteer Members of the District Committees are expected to, and agree to:

1. Make every effort to attend all Committee meetings, including any special scheduled meetings. If any member is absent for three or more meetings, within a calendar year, that individual's appointment to this committee will be reviewed

2. Thoroughly read and understand all the materials in the Committee Orientation Manual and attend any orientation or training sessions and be willing to be a "continual learner" about all matters of importance to philanthropy and to the District, and take advantage of learning opportunities offered.

3. To participate in providing vision and guidance on the development of the District's strategic plan.

4. To provide advice, counsel and feedback to staff as needed during program development, including being available for site visits.

5. To participate in monitoring implementation of the District's strategic plan and program-related activities to ensure programs are achieving the desired impact.

6. Review all respective committee packets , and any other materials provided by staff prior to each meeting.

7. Actively participate in committee discussions and deliberations and wisely consider each matter on which the committee is asked to vote.

8. Consider all matters brought before the committee objectively and "on the merits" and make decisions that best represent the interests of the District.

9. Be supportive of the decisions of the committee and the District.

10. Be willing to compromise, if necessary, in order to foster a cooperative atmosphere for all the people who participate in the work of the District.

11. Abide by the Conflict of interest Policy by disclosing any potential conflicts and abstaining from voting or advocating on issues related to conflicts of interest.

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