Affordable Care Act Implementation in the Coachella Valley: Educate, Enroll, Connect


Improving Access to Health Homes through successful implementation of the Affordable care Act by providing Coachella Valley-wide education, outreach and enrollment activities. In partnership with The California Endowment, the District combined funding with The Endowment for a total of $1,184,924 that was granted to the Desert Healthcare Foundation for administration and campaign management. The project also leverages existing partnerships with trusted community non-profit and public agencies and targets the approximately 90,000 residents now eligible for MediCal and Covered California. Successful health insurance enrollment will improve access to health homes that support healthy behaviors for families in the Coachella Valley.

District Funds committed to date:

2013-2015 ($650,000) Implementation of the ACA: Utilizing Health Navigators to reach eligible populations where they live, work, play, learn, shop, and worship to successfully enroll and connect residents to health insurance. Grant period goal is to successfully enroll 50,000 residents.

Community Partners Supported by Grant Funding:

foodbanks_smFunding Allocation: $150,444
4 FTE Certified Health Navigators
Clinicas_de_SaludFunding Allocation: $188,095
6 FTE Certified Health Navigators
Planned_ParenthoodFunding Allocation: $150,476
4 FTE Certified Health Navigators
Borrego_HealthFunding Allocation: $300,952
8 FTE Certified Health Navigators
Catholic_CharitiesFunding Allocation: $75,238
2 FTE Certified Health Navigators
Health_to_Hope_ClinicsFunding Allocation: $37,619
1 FTE Certified Health Navigators

Other Community Partners:


Riverside_County_Health_Care John_J_Benoit


What’s New



The Desert Healthcare District/Foundation is moving to zone-based elections to allow for the best representation of the communities served by the District. Community members within the current District boundaries are encouraged to attend and provide input. Click here for more information



El Desert Healthcare District and Foundation se muda a elecciones basadas en zonas para brindar la mejor representación a las comunidades servidas por el Distrito. Invitamos la asistencia de los miembros de la comunidad y su aportación. Para mas información haga clic aquí