Access to Healthy Foods


To increase access to healthy foods especially for vulnerable populations including seniors, the food insecure, and children living in poverty.

District Funds committed to date:

2009-2012 Addressing the Coachella Valley Food Insecurity Crisis

  • Food Assistance to over 100 food pantries and agencies ($1,000,000)
  • FIND Food Bank Regional Warehouse: ($1,700,000)
  • Hidden Harvest: Produce Gleaning ($458,408)

2012-2016 Project Produce: A Collective Impact Project
2012/2013 ($841,147)

  • Food distribution ratio achieved: 37% Produce
  • Over 3.5 Million pounds of fresh produce distributed to vulnerable populations across the Coachella Valley
  • Local Produce Supply
  • Effective and Efficient Acquisition and Distribution System including on-line ordering by pantries
  • Senior Farmer’s Markets expanded
  • Healthy Food Access for Chronic Disease Management for Vulnerable Populations
  • Summer Feeding Program: Year-round Healthy Food Access for School-age Children Living in Poverty
  • Food Deserts: White Paper to analyze needs, strategies, business models

2013/2014 (In Progress)


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